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Valuing Quality Customer Service

Our staff members have extensive knowledge of children’s literacy products and have the experience to assist our customers in developing a successful book fair or literacy program.

Customer service is very important to us and we strive to enhance our client’s experience by providing a quality book collection, flexible scheduling, consulting services to determine the best type of literacy event/project that will benefit your school/organization, and technical support for all your technology and business process needs. Attention to all these details is what helps us to ensure you have a successful book fair or literacy event.

Inspiring Children to Read

Bedford Falls Book Fairs believes that reading inspires success in education and hopes to improve children’s literacy one child at a time by connecting children with books.  We have a strong history and proven track record of success with our clients and have built a strong reputation within the literacy and book fair communities in the Carolinas and Virginia. 

We would like to build on those successful experiences and hope that you will thoughtfully consider using us as your book provider for your next book fair or literacy project.

What We Offer

The Bedford Falls Difference

We offer superior book selection and top-notch customer service.

  • Superior Book Selection- encouraging reading!
  • Top-notch Customer Service- we receive so many compliments about the customer support we provide.
  • Competitive Sales Numbers- compared to other major book fair providers.
  • 25% Cash Profit- for book fairs with total sales over $2,500* or 40% book profit.
  • $500 Gift Certificate- for schools with total sales over $12,000.
  • Free Promotional Material-including flyers, posters, banners and yard signs.
  • 30% Incremental Cash Profit- for book fairs with total sales over $15,000.
  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted
  • 10% Teacher Discount
  • Daily Resupplies
  • $25.00 in Book Bucks- to promote the fair.
* Every school is eligible to buy in-stock or warehouse books with some or all of their book fair profit.  Schools receive a 40% discount on books purchased with book fair profit. This is an excellent way to expand your media center and classroom titles.
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3071 Business Park Drive St 116
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Customer Reviews

See what our valued customers have to say about Bedford Falls.

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Best customer service around and no issues with multiple re-orders/restocks. A HUGE variety of books at many reading levels and I'm happy that they had the willingness to go searching for our special request books too! We had our fair a week after our fun run and still had the highest fair sales ever.
Marsha Hansen Simmons
December 15, 2019
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I am at a Title 1 school and our families don't have a lot of disposable income for book fairs. Bedford Falls always sends an outstanding selection of books that are $4.99 and less so our students are happy, our parents are happy and I am happy!
June 28, 2019
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Amazing company with wonderful customer service, that you just can’t get from those big corporate type companies. Great selection of books and great prices. If you haven’t tried them you should, you won’t be disappointed!
September 25, 2018
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Bedford Falls has been such a wonderful company to work with. From the delivery truck driver who patiently showed our preschoolers how the liftgate worked to the daily re-order deliveries, Bedford Falls has made the entire book fair process easy to understand and manage. Families have been pleased with the book selection and we can’t wait for next year!
Grace Bell, Media Specialist, Duke School, Durham, NC
March 3, 2020
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The fair was great! Students and teachers gave input on what titles and/or series they wanted to have on the fair. As a result, everyone found something they absolutely loved. Thank you for such great work!
John Wayland Elementary
March 6, 2018
Image is not available
The Bedford Falls Book Fair was fantastic!  They have a wonderful selection of books for all of our pre-k through 5th grade readers.  Parents, students, and staff were happy and our fair was a success.
Carver Elementary
March 5, 2018
Image is not available
Bedford Falls is filled with the most helpful and responsive people - at all levels - than any other vendor I have worked with!
Round Hill Elementary
February 2, 2017
Image is not available
We are SO happy with what we received from Bedford Falls Book Fairs.  I have had positive comments from teachers, students, and parents regarding the selection, variety, and quality of the titles, as well as the value.  I am so glad that we decided to try using Bedford Falls this year - it is a wonderful fit.
Johnson Elementary
October 30, 2015
Image is not available
We really enjoyed our Bedford Falls book fair, and heard nothing but rave reviews from teachers, parents, and of course, the students!  Also, your help was crucial.  You were a pleasure to work with and were there every time we needed you.  Thank you very much! Thomas was also very helpful and friendly. Having him move the shelves and boxes was such a load off, compared to our past experiences.
Eaton Elementary
September 23, 2015
Image is not available
I am so pleased every year with Bedford Falls Book Fairs.  The set up and pack up is awesome and I love the selection of books sent.  Paperback books are so much more affordable for our families and there's such a great selection of them. Thank You!
Deanna Pollard, Librarian, Mehfoud Elementary, Henrico, VA
September 17, 2015
Image is not available
I have gotten nothing but great feedback from our teachers, students, and parents since we switched to Bedford Falls several years ago.  They love the selection and customer service and I love the convenient delivery system!  Ready-packed racks roll right into our building ready to sell.  The equipment they use to ring up purchases and total sales couldn't be easier.  We are so glad we switched!
Laura Hill, Book Fair Chair, Endeavor Charter School, Wake Forest, NC
May 23, 2015
Image is not available
Since I have used Bedford Falls as the Book Fair Company for my school there have been nothing but compliments from parents and teachers!  Students have commented about the books and kits very positively! Wonderful fair!  
Amy Harris, Media Specialist, John Wayland Elementary School, Bridgewater, VA
April 10, 2015
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