Book Categories

Picture Books:  A variety of popular award-winning children’s titles available in paperback and hardback editions.  Examples: “Elephant and Piggie” and “We’re All Wonders”

Early Readers: These titles, available in both fiction and non-fiction, are intended for the emerging reader and are leveled 1-4 by reading stages.  Examples: “Fly Guy” and “Biscuit”

Beginning Chapter:  For the newly independent reader we offer a wide variety of “first” chapter books that typically have shorter chapters, additional illustrations, and fewer pages than standard chapter books.  Examples:  “Owl Diaries” and “Captain Underpants”

Transitioning Chapter:  These titles provide a literary bridge between the beginning chapter books and the longer, more challenging selections on our chapter/series carts.  Examples:  The I Survived Series and the 13-Story Treehouse titles

Chapter and Series: We are excited to offer a large and diverse selection of the best and most popular chapter and series books.  With an appeal across grade levels, these titles have age appropriate content, and fewer illustrations and longer chapters than the beginning chapter selections.  Examples: “Wonder”, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” and “Wings of Fire”

Graphic Novels:  Are a format in which a series of multiple images or illustrations are arranged in order to form a story or provide information.  Graphic Novels can be any length and cover any topic. Very Popular!  Examples:  “Smile”, “Sisters”, “Amulet”, and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”

Sports:  Dribble, Kick, Pass, and Score!  We include a variety of sports related fiction and non-fiction titles across all interest and reading levels.  Examples:  “Jake Maddox” and “Year in Sports 2018”

Biography/History:  We offer a diverse assortment of engaging biographies and history titles across all interest and reading levels.  Learn more about people, culture, and key events from our past and present.  Examples:  “Who Was…”, and “DK Eyewitness”

Science:  Jump start your students’ curiosity with dynamic titles from across the sciences  for both emerging and independent readers.  Our Collection supports many STEM, STEAM, and Next Generation Science standards.  Examples:  “100 Deadliest Creatures” and “The Story of  Coding”

Reference:  These informative and entertaining titles include almanacs, world-record and fact books.  Examples:  “Guinness Book of World Records” and “National Geographic”

Bargain: We ship an assortment of lower priced titles with our standard fair and are dedicated to helping as many children as possible leave the fair with a book in hand.


These additional categories may be included in our standard fair – please talk with your account consultant.

Advanced Reader: : Designed for students ages 9-12 reading at a advanced level, this collection contains titles with a higher reading level but content that is still appropriate for elementary school students.  Examples:  “Brown Girl Dreaming” and “Orphan Island”

Board:  These titles are intended for ages birth-4 and are a good option for pre-schools.  We offer a wide selection of topics in this format including alphabet and counting books as well as story and nursery rhyme books.

Cookbooks:  An assortment of tasty recipes perfect for busy families.  Selections will vary by fair and books can include quick-fix, grilling, noted chefs, and cooking with/for children.

Regional:  We are excited to offer State Award Nominees for Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.  North Carolina elementary and middle school Battle of the Books titles are also available.

Science Center Kits: Designed for schools that place an added emphasis on the sciences this collection includes additional science kits and hands-on activities. A must for STEM schools!

Seasonal/Holiday:  Pumpkins, Turkeys, Reindeer! Oh my!  This entertaining selection of popular titles with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas will appeal to children and adults.

Spanish:  We offer a variety of popular Spanish and bi-lingual titles across all interest and reading levels.  These titles may be translations of popular English titles or native language titles.


Young Teen:  These fictional chapter titles are intended for ages 12 and up with reading levels and content appropriate for the middle school student. Examples: “The Selection” and “Salt to the Sea”

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