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Hopefully these suggestions will be helpful to you and get your creative juices flowing.

The Fall 2021 flyer theme is “Near to far, here to there…books can take you anywhere!”   

You can find ideas to match our current flyer theme on our Pinterest site  

Looking for other ideas?

  1. Inspiration is all around. Picking your book fair theme from the season in which it occurs, gives you immediate and plentiful access to decorations whether purchased or donated.  Most everyone has or can find items to use for decorations easily.
  2. Decorating can be simple!  Brightly colored plastic table clothes are easy and really add a nice touch for displaying the books.
  3. Broad or narrow, it is up to you.  Your seasonal/ holiday theme can be narrowed by relating it to a specific month or event. It can also be as broad as you want by relating to an entire season of the calendar.  Some examples of each strategy are:
    • Back to School becomes the “Get Back Into Books” fair
    • If you fair occurs during September, October, or November, you could host the “Fall Into A Good Book” or “Pumpkin” theme.
    • December, January & February can be “Winter Wonderland” 
    • “Books are Blooming in Book Fair Garden” for the spring months.
    • Check out our Pinterest site for even more ideas!