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Books marked with (SP) are bilingual (i.e., the text is written in both English and Spanish)

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Vanishing Cultures: Far North

It's springtime in the Arctic, and Sara and Kari are excited about the yearly reindeer roundup. Their people, the Sami, are moving the reindeer herds to mountain pastures for grazing. Family and friends also come together to celebrate the end of the long dark winter.

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The Woman Who Outshone the Sun (SP)

Retells the Zapotec legend of Lucia Zenteno, a beautiful woman with magical powers who is exiled from a mountain village and takes its water away in punishment.

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The Mangrove Tree: Planting Trees to Feed Families

For a long time, the people of Hargigo, a village in the tiny African country of Eritrea, were living without enough food for themselves and their animals. The families were hungry, and their goats and sheep were hungry too. Then along came a scientist, Dr. Gordon Sato, who helped change their lives for the better. And it all started with some special trees.

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The Legend of Freedom Hill

A fictional story set during the California Gold Rush, in which a girl teams up with her best friend in search of gold to buy her mother's freedom from a slave catcher.

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My Papa Diego and Me (SP)

Guadalupe Rivera Marín shares some of her childhood memories of the world-renowned artist who also happened to be her papá. Her recollections are tender, humorous, and unexpected. This intimate artistic portrait will delight readers, from the youngest art lovers to Diego Rivera's biggest fans.

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Juneteenth Jamboree

Joining her parents in a community celebration of Juneteenth, Cassie learns about the day when slaves in Texas were freed some two years after the Emancipation Proclamation and wonders why the news took so long to reach them.

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Leo and the Butterflies

Meet a young boy named Leo who lives in Costa Rica. Learn all of the things Leo knows about the butterflies that live in the rainforest near his home.

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The Everything Kids' Science Experiments Book: Boil Ice, Float Water, Measure Gravity-Challenge the World Around You!

All you need to do is gather a few household items and you can recreate dozens of mind-blowing, kid-tested science experiments. High school science teacher Tom Robinson shows you how to expand your scientific horizons from biology, chemistry, physics, technology, and engineering—to outer space.

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Batman Science: The Real-World Science Behind Batman's Gear

Explore the surprising ways the Caped Crusader’s gear and gadgets actually connect to reality. Accessible text, real-world photos, and Batman illustrations team up to reveal the real science and engineering behind Batman’s fictional world.

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How Much is a Million?

Ever wonder just what a million of something means? How about a billion? Or a trillion? Marvelosissimo the mathematical magician can teach you!

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Falcon vs. Hawk (WWW)

This nonfiction Reader compares and contrasts two ferocious birds. Readers will learn about each animal's anatomy, behavior, and more. Then compare and contrast the battling pair before finally discovering the winner!

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Fly Guy Presents: Space

During a visit to a space museum, Fly Guy and Buzz learn all about planets, space crafts, space suits, and even dirty snowballs (i.e. comets!)! With straightforward fun facts, humorous illustrations of Fly Guy and Buzz, and vivid photographs throughout, this book is sure to be a hit with budding astronauts everywhere!

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International Space Station

The International Space Station races through space at 17,500 miles per hour. How do people live there? What may they discover? Find out the story of the twenty-first century's great scientific adventure in this this in-depth look at the construction and purpose of the International Space Station. This nonfiction picture book is an excellent choice to share during homeschooling, in particular for children ages 5 to 7.