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A Pup Called Trouble

Trouble is a curious and energetic coyote pup whose parents fear that his inquisitiveness will get him into trouble.  Sure enough, one night he strays from the den to explore the contents of a local produce truck and finds himself transported to a farmer’s market in New York City.  A wily crow named Mischief guides the young coyote to Central Park where he makes friends with a shy opossum named Rosebud and a wise owl named Professor. When Trouble falls for a prissy but good-natured poodle whose owner brings her to the park, however, he begins to lose some of his wildness and is less cautious about the dangers of the city.  When he gets close to a little girl visiting Central Park, he is spotted and Animal Control vows to catch him. Will Trouble risk the perils of a long journey home or, with the help of his friends, evade capture and make Central Park his home? Based on the real-life instances of coyotes inhabiting Central Park, this is a perfect choice for animal lovers of all ages.