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Amal Unbound

Inspired by a favorite teacher to pursue her dreams of also becoming an educator, twelve-year-old Amal is frustrated that she, as the eldest daughter of a family in rural Pakistan, must stop going to school, staying home to run the household as her mother deals with postpartum depression.  When returning home from a trip to the market, she is grazed by the car of Jawad Sahib, a wealthy member of the ruling Khan family of her village. Responding with a spontaneous insult, Amal realizes that her comment will have consequences. The wealthy landowner insists that Amal leave her family and work as a servant for him to satisfy the loans her family cannot repay.  As she navigates the unfamiliar social hierarchy of life on the lavish estate, trying to please Jawad without threatening the roles of the other servants, Amal becomes increasingly aware of the deadly measures the ruling family will take in order to secure their hold on the town. With a strength bolstered by her books and learning, Amal realizes that the control of this wealthy family over the villagers will never loosen as long as everyone is afraid to challenge their power.  Can her ability to read be the key to exposing the corruption she sees and winning back her freedom? This story weaves the love of family and learning with the culture of a Pakistani village to deliver an empowering message to young readers.

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