Seventh-grader Will Nolan didn’t plan to eat a stinkbug, but when his friend Darryl calls a new Hispanic student, Eloy, a derogatory name, Will impulsively does so to distract the bully.  Labelling him “Bug Boy”, Will’s classmates begin teasing him with creative meals like “French flies” and “Maggot-aroni”. As tensions with Daryl increase, Will questions his friendship with the boy and gets to know Eloy whose father is the chef at Will’s favorite local restaurant.   Inspired by his new fame, Bug Boy decides to do a class project on entomophagy, the eating of bugs as real food. With Eloy’s help, he even decides to prepare a variety of edible insect items to sell as a wrestling tournament fundraiser. When Will betrays the Hispanic boy’s trust, however, he must decide what type of person he wants to be and what choices he must make when it comes to selecting friends.  A tale of middle school hijinks that will appeal to fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid (and teach a few lessons along the way!)