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Caterpillar Summer

Fifth-grader Cat and her first-grade brother Chicken have always had a special bond, especially since their father’s death.   She knows her mom is counting on her to help deal with Chicken’s meltdowns, his tendency to run away, his aversion to tags in his clothes and other challenging behaviors.  Her mom, a children’s book author, is working very hard to keep the family afloat while Cat seems to be the glue holding it together. When a stay with friends while their mother is away teaching a three- week writing class is cancelled at the last minute, the children find themselves staying with their mother’s parents, grandparents they have never known, in a cottage at the beach.  As she begins to trust her gentle and kind grandmother to care for Chicken, Cat learns how to be a kid again. As she begins to learn more about her mother’s childhood and slowly warm her grandfather’s heart, she learns the true meaning of family. An outstanding debut novel that can’t wait for paperback to be read!  

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