Charlie Hernandez has always been proud of his Latin American heritage.  Loving the art and culture of his people, he possesses an expansive knowledge of the monsters and ghouls that are part of the Latino myths his abuela shared with him during his childhood.  When their South Florida house burns down and his parents disappear, Charlie begins living with Mrs. Wilson, an older woman who collects creepy looking dolls. As if the mystery of the fire isn’t enough, Charlie begins to grow horns and feathers, believing that the creatures of the legends he thought were only folklore may be real.  When the very cool and cute Violet Rey discovers Charlie’s new features, she becomes convinced that the two of them can unravel the mystery of a map they find in an old locket that belonged to his mother. Finding themselves in the midst of a battle between La Liga, a secret society of mythical creatures sworn to protect the Land of the Living and La Mano Peluda, a group of evil spirits determined to rule mankind, Charlie and Violet must face the demons of his heritage.  Does Charlie have the knowledge and courage it will take to find out why these changes are happening and, perhaps, find his parents in the process? With words in Spanish throughout the text, this first in a new series is perfect for fans of Rick Riordan and an intriguing look at Latino mythology.