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City of Gold

Just weeks after arriving in Colorado to start a new farm following the death of their dad, the Hollowell family is looking at disaster.  Fifteen year old Owen witnesses the theft of their mules and learns that Hercules and Peaches will likely be sold by the thieves to work in the mines of cities over the mountains.   Knowing that the family won’t survive without livestock to plow the fields and despite the protests of younger brother Till who is kept home by their mother, Owen sets out to track the rustlers and retrieve his animals.  After a dangerous mountain trek, he finds himself in Telluride, the self-proclaimed "City of Gold." With help from a colorful assortment of townsfolk, miners, a girl named Molly, and even his Wild West–loving brother Till, Owen learns the truth about the mules and the man who took them. Now all he must do is convince the town's infamous marshal to help him catch the outlaw.   Telluride’s notorious marshal finally takes an interest when he identifies the rustler as one of Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch and the lawman leads Owen and Till into the canyon country all the way to Robbers Roost, the camp of the outlaw gang.   Can this young boy outsmart an experienced gang of thieves to get back the animals key to his family’s survival?  Rich in adventure, history, and humor, this odyssey set in the twilight of the Wild West by favorite author Will Hobbs will keep you reading way past your bedtime

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