It is the fall of 1918 and fourteen-year-old Daisy’s family is struggling.  Her sister’s fiancé has recently been deployed to fight in World War I and her father, a German American, has been forced to shut down his newspaper after criticizing the U.S. entry into the war.  Living in a small rural town in Minnesota, they do believe they are safe from the deadly flu that is killing many in the big cities.  This hope is shattered, however, when Daisy learns that a friend’s family has fallen sick, the first of many neighbors to get the flu.  Daisy wants to help her sick friends but this may end up threatening her own family’s health.  When her sister falls ill and Daisy herself contracts the flu, the impact of this deadly disease becomes very real.  With nonfiction support material, this title in the Girls Survive series is perfect for fans of the popular I Survived books.