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Dog Days in the City

Anytime 12 year-old Josie Shilling’s large family gets too chaotic, volunteering at the local animal clinic is the one place she can escape.  She loves working with the animals. When a box of seven rambunctious puppies is left on the clinic steps with a note asking Josie to find homes for them, however, this may be asking too much.  Taking care of Hamlet, a pig her brother brought home last fall, was harder than she had imagined and now she is responsible for seven adorable pups! Complicated by her own dog’s diagnosis of a brain tumor and friendship problems with her gymnastics buddy, Lucy, Josie may have taken on more than she can manage.  Fans of Josie’s first book, The Unlikely Story of a Pig in the City, and animal lovers of all ages will find this book a great choice.

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