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Elephant Secret

Eighth grader Samantha Gray has grown up living on a North American elephant sanctuary with her father and the herd of eleven rescued elephants that have become her family.  With an uncanny ability to understand and communicate with the elephants, Sam hopes that the recent financial support of a new silent partner will ensure that the sanctuary can continue to accept and care for the elephants.  When Daisy Mae, one of the females, dies while giving birth, Sam is determined to take care of her baby, a calf she names “Woolly” due to the unusual hair on his hide. When the sanctuary agrees to take in an elephant with a history of aggression, the man who has provided the much needed funds threatens to take over the sanctuary, remove the new elephant, and no longer allow Sam and her father to live or work there.  Sam realizes that there may be more to his financial support than she thought, and faces losing the elephant family she has always known. A story that older readers will find interesting and informative is perfect for animal lovers and would-be scientists.

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