Ellie loves her fluffy, purple skirt, taking ballet with her best friend Kit, and designing and building amazing backyard projects.  When she overhears Kit’s mom say she plans to surprise her daughter with the dog she has always wanted for her upcoming birthday, Ellie is determined to make the most amazing dog house ever for her friend.  To get such a big project done is just a few days, Ellie enlists the help of a fellow engineer, Toby, and three artistic neighborhood girls. Forced to acknowledge that the girls don’t want to work alongside a boy, Ellie has to adjust the construction schedule, while also feeling guilty about not telling the truth to Kit about why she can’t spend time with her.   Can Ellie get everyone to work as a team to create the best-ever birthday gift for Kit? Illustrated with Ellie’s sketches and plans, this entertaining story is perfect for STEM-focused young readers.