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Endling: The Last

Byx has always seen herself as the least of her pack, a species of dog-like creatures called the dairne.  When all of the other dairne in her homeland of Nedarra are murdered by humans under the rule of the evil Murdano, however, Byx truly becomes an Endling, the sole survivor of a species.  She then begins a desperate quest to find Dairneholm, a mythical settlement rumored to still be inhabited by the dairne.  Along the way she is joined by an unlikely band of adventurers, including Khala, a girl with a mysterious past disguised as a boy, and Tobble, a fiercely loyal wobbyk with large ears and a short round body.  Their mission becomes even more dangerous when they discover the true reason for the eradication of the dairne. Can the courageous travelers find the one person who may be able to save them all? A dazzling first tale in a fantasy series perfect for fans of Wings of Fire from the author of The One and Only Ivan.

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