Rion Kwirk comes from a rather odd family.  His mother named him and his sisters after her favorite constellations and his father is a scientist who invents new jellybean flavors for a living.  But no one is more unusual than Rion’s grandfather, Papa Kwirk.  He’s the kind of guy who shows up on his motorcycle on holidays bringing items like crossbows, slingshots, poker chips and stuffed squirrels as gifts.  He’s mysterious, cool, and totally unpredictable unlike his son, Rion’s dad, who is somewhat nerdy and rather boring.  When the news of Papa Kwirk’s death is delivered by a clown with a singing telegram, the family heads off to Illinois for the funeral Aunt Gertie has arranged.  Shocked to discover that the casket doesn’t contain Papa Kwirk’s body but a clue that the family must decipher in order to find the grandfather’s ashes.  Over the next 24 hours, the family eats 36 scoops of ice cream, climbs a 40- foot tree, and fights off thieves at a local museum to solve the mystery and to better understand Papa Kwirk’s odd behaviors, a source of long-standing tension between father and son.  Can this hunt for the remains of his grandfather finally help Rion understand why Papa and Rion’s dad never seemed to get along and the family secrets behind their relationship?  This story for tween readers has bits of humor woven into a theme of the complications and challenges faced by even the best of families.   Great jumping off point for family and classroom discussions of empathy and acceptance.