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Finding Perfect

Molly Nathans has always been a neat freak, but when her mother must move to Toronto for a year-long work assignment and her brother faces a health challenge, the mounting stress intensifies the 12 year-old’s efforts to bring order to her life.  Her constant hand washing, obsessively aligning the glass figurines in her room, and repetitive counting don’t seem to be helping her overcome her anxieties, however. Convinced that she can get her mother to come home if she wins an upcoming poetry contest, Molly adds yet another challenge to her life.  Will her caring but preoccupied father notice what is happening with his daughter? Will her friends recognize her cries for help? With a conclusion that affirms Molly’s decision to acknowledge her OCD and reach out for help, this title for older readers is one that reflects an authentic look at one girl’s efforts to deal with the stresses of her young life. 

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