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Fourth Dimension

Fifteen-year-old Emma, her ex-Marine mother, and younger brother have recently moved to Chicago.  They are living in a brand-new condominium, which explains the semi-regular power outages as workers complete construction of units around theirs.  The family isn’t initially concerned when the latest blackout occurs just as they are loading the car for a long weekend camping trip. When their car won’t start and cellphones appear dead, however, Emma’s mother decides they will use their rowboat to paddle to an isolated island off the mainland to wait it out.  Able to see across the bay, they realize that the power has yet to come back on and its residents have lost all modern amenities. While Emma and her family are at a relatively hidden site, they are far from safe. While her mother’s military and nursing background provides them with some of the knowledge and skills to find food and construct a shelter, most people are not equipped to face life without power.  As people become desperate to find food and protect their resources from others intent on taking them, chaos soon descends. When they stumble upon a community at the other side of the island, the family must decide whether they should let its residents know of their presence and explore the possibility of an alliance or stay hidden, unable to trust these unknown neighbors. The disintegration of life as they know it soon leads to violence, forcing every person to make decisions that may mean the difference between life and death.  A fast-paced, adventure-filled look at a society where none of the rules of order are in play any longer.  

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