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Fonda, Drew and Ruthie have been neighbors and best friends since they were little but will now be attending the same school for the first time ever.  Fonda, excited to be attending school without being overshadowed by an older sister, can’t wait to have a group she can depend on in the face of an intimidating girl clique.  Drew, who was at a private school, is looking forward to not having to wear a uniform and going to the same school as a cute boy she met over the summer.  Ruthie, who has been attending an alternative school with a long list of rules and restrictions, is glad to have more freedom to be herself.  When Ruth is placed in the Talented and Gifted program, one whose students are kept separate from the other students, however, Fonda realizes their threesome may be in jeopardy.  Drew’s crush, who seemed so into her only a week ago, suddenly acts like he doesn’t know who see is.  Fonda has finally been noticed by the popular girls, but does she really want to hang out with them if Ruthie and Drew aren’t included?  As their bonds of friendship are tested, the three find out how awful it feels to be lied to, left out, and ignored.  Can they nurture the elements of true friendship and see how great it feels to just be yourself?  Perfect for fans of the Baby-sitters Club series.