Violet and Pablo are best friends who love science.  When they discover a riddle that opens a magic portal in the Science Space at school, they can’t wait to check it out!  Along with their new classmate, Deepak, the friends discover a magical makerspace called the Maker Maze.  It’s a laboratory full of robots, 3D printers, an antigravity chamber and more.  Doors line the walls of the makerspace, with a new science adventure waiting behind each one.  With the help of a funny and quirky scientist, these Magnificent Makers set out on out-of-this world adventures that help them master the science concepts they are learning in school.  Filled with science, adventures and characters that readers are sure to love, this book also includes two science activities kids can do at home with items you probably have on hand.  A perfect addition to STEM-focused classrooms that also explores issues such as managing failure, teamwork, and jealousy.