Sixth grader Sam has one obsession.  It’s not grades, it’s not boys. It’s the drums.  Determined to become an accomplished drummer, she seems to hear rhythms in her head all the time.  Unfortunately, the only time she gets to play a real drum is at school, and even that is on a single drum in the symphonic band.  With her father out of work, there’s no money to buy a real drum set or pay for private lessons. Forced to use a makeshift set made out of books and magazines, Sam secretly defies her parents and starts a lawn-mowing business to raise the money for lessons with a demanding but passionate instructor.  When she is teased by a male classmate about her belief that she can be an amazing drummer, Sam whacks the boy. Her principal leaves phone messages about the incident for Sam’s parents, messages she deletes before Mom or Dad can hear them. When she learns that the school music program is going to be cut for budget reasons, Sam’s frustrations escalate.  When the inevitable occurs and Sam’s deceptions are exposed, it’s time for her to face the music. Will her dreams fall victim to the poor choices she has made or can she find a way to make things right? A timely and relatable look at the consequences of doing the wrong thing, even when it’s for the right reason.