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I Survived the Nazi Invasion 1944

It’s been years since the Nazis invaded Max Rosen’s home country of Poland.  All of the Jewish people, including Max’s family, have been forced to live in a ghetto.  At least Max and his sister, Zena, had their Papa with them until two months ago when the Nazis took him away.  Now the two are on their own.  One day, without barely enough food to survive, Max and Zena make a daring escape out of the ghetto into the nearby forest.  They are found by Jewish resistance fighters, but soon grenades begin to fall around them.  Have they left the horrors of the ghetto only to die from the fallout of the Nazi Invasion?  With text adapted from the same story in the I Survived series as well as nonfiction back matter and photographs about WWII and the Holocaust, this explosive graphic novel edition will inform and appeal even the most reluctant reader.  

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