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Isaiah Dunn is My Hero

Ten year old Isaiah Dunn’s life has been spiraling out of control since his father died four months ago.  His mother struggles with depression and alcoholism and his family is in danger of being evicted from the cheap motel they moved into after losing their apartment.    Isaiah is now the big man of the house. But it's a lot harder than his dad made it look. His little sister, Charlie, asks too many questions, and Mama's gone totally silent. Good thing Isaiah can count on his best friend, Sneaky, who always has a scheme for getting around the rules. Plus, his classmate Angel has a few good ideas of her own—once she stops hassling Isaiah.  And when things get really tough, there's Daddy's journal, filled with stories about the amazing Isaiah Dunn, a superhero who gets his powers from beans and rice. Isaiah wishes his dad's tales were real. He could use those powers right about now! Determined to earn the money needed for a new apartment, Isaiah tries his hand at selling candy to classmates and sweeping up hair at a barbershop, continuing to connect with his father’s stories through his own emerging talents as a poet and writer.  With chapters that are each a calendar-date vignette of Isaiah’s challenges, this debut novel explores the indomitable spirit of a ten-year-old boy and the superhero strength it takes to grow up.

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