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J.D. and the Great Barber Battle

J.D. has a big problem – it’s the night before the start of third grade and his mom has just given him his first and worst home haircut.  When the steady stream of insults from his classmates at Douglass Elementary become too much, he takes matters into his own hands and discovers that, unlike his mom, he’s a genius with the clippers!  Whether he’s cutting a fade or other popular style, J.D. becomes the talk of the school and has kids lined up for his Saturday at home haircut sessions.  But when the owner of the town’s only barbershop realizes that he's losing customers to an 8 year-old, the two decide to have a contest – the great barber battle – to see who is the best barber in town.  A story with diverse characters that encourages all young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams!

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