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Katarina Ballerina

Ten year old Katarina is a New York City girl through and through but her big dream is to become a prima ballerina.  Dance lessons are expensive though so she has been teaching herself via the internet.  After a school talent show performance convinces her dad to sign her up for lessons in a studio, Katarina discovers that her feet don’t move quite the way she’d like them to, the twirls and spins make her dizzy, and not all of her new classmates are very welcoming.  One of them does reach out, however, with an offer to help Katarina improve her skills and a potential friendship emerges.  When the head of the dance studio announces that there will be a competition to earn a spot in an upcoming international dance camp, both girls set their sights on being chosen.  With a co-author who was a principal dancer with the New York City Ballet, this is the perfect choice for budding dancers who know the challenges of making their dreams come true.

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