In this first in a new series perfect for fans of Raina Telgemeier, preteen Katie Spera dreads the boring summer ahead, fervently wishing she could join her best friends at camp.  Her single mother doesn’t have money for it though so Katie decides that she will find a job and earn the money herself.  After a couple of other failed efforts, she lands a job as the nightly catsitter for her neighbor in the upstairs apartment.  Katie is surprised to learn that Ms. Lang has 217 cats but, for $30 an hour, it’s an opportunity she can’t pass up.  These cats are not your average felines, though, tearing the place apart every night, ordering pizza, hacking into the computer, and picking locks among other escapades.  Worrying that her best friend’s letters from camp, which are few and far between, seem to only talk about a new boy she’s met, Katie realizes that Ms. Lang is always out of the house when the supervillian, Mousetress, commits crimes in their town.  The city is counting on Eastern Screech, a rather self-absorbed super hero to stop Mousetress but Katie may be the one to crack the biggest crime story ever.  An enticing graphic novel that weaves mystery, friendship, and lots of furry felines into a perfect choice for young readers.