The year is 2213.  Earth has been destroyed by the Sun which is going supernova and the 100 million member human race is now living on Mars.  Their time there is nearing an end, however, as the Sun threatens to destroy it as well.  Scientists, including the parents of 13 year old friends Liam and Phoebe, are frantically working to complete research which will enable these humans to make the 150 year journey to a distant star they believe can sustain life.  The two teens and their parents will be a part of the last group to leave Mars, completing vital experiments prior to their imminent departure.  When a radioactive lab explosion occurs, Liam, Phoebe, and a high functioning robot must rescue their parents and find a way to reach the starliner which left without them.  This first book in a new science fiction series will captivate readers 11+ with humor, aliens, space, and time travel perfect for an out of this world adventure!