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New Kid

Jordan Banks is anxious about being the new kid at Riverdale Academy, especially since he wanted to attend an art school instead.  He’s even more nervous when he realizes that, unlike his school in Washington Heights, this new one at the other end of Manhattan has very few students of color.  Riverdale may have a beautiful campus, rigorous academics, and a wide offering of extracurriculars, but it is distinctly lacking in diversity. He sees white administrators mistake a veteran African-American teacher for the football coach, hears white classmates use black slang in an attempt to seem cool, and notices that the teachers often mistake the few minority students for each other, evidence of the racism that is invisible to many of his teachers and classmates.  Told in graphic novel format, this story is about much more than being a new kid at school. Exploring the many ways in which racism manifests itself in even the most “enlightened” environments, this Newbery and Coretta Scott King award winner, is a must-read for readers committed to transforming their worlds into ones where diversity is lauded and intentional.  

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