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Polar Bear Explorers’ Club

Stella Starflake Pearl has always wanted to be an explorer like her adoptive father, Felix, a member of the Polar Bear Explorers’ Club.  Unfortunately, girls are forbidden to be club members or go on the group’s expeditions. When Stella is unexpectedly granted permission to join Felix and the other explorers on a daring journey to the coldest part of the Icelands, she is thrilled.  Shortly after the trip begins, however, she and three other novice explorers are separated from the adults. They must work together to find their way to the Icelands and then back to the returning ship for the trip home. Encountering strange creatures like the “frosties”, small fairies that can cause killer frostbite, and other spine-chilling dangers along the way, Stella and the other young adventurers must survive the frozen wilderness if they are to live to tell their tale.  This first in a series filled with adventure, magic and just enough peril to excite readers who love to explore new worlds without ever leaving home.

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