Twelve-year-old June Harper loves to read and is passionate about all types of books.  Luckily, she has an amazing school librarian, Ms. Bradshaw, who has lots of recommendations to feed her voracious appetite for the written word.  When her very protective parents find the school library title The Makings of a Witch in June’s bookbag, they deem it inappropriate and begin a campaign to remove books they believe their daughter and the other students at Dogwood Middle School should not read.  In addition to emptying Junes’ own personal bookshelf of many titles, they pressure the school system to remove Ms. Bradshaw from her job and to cancel an upcoming author visit she had arranged.  Always a rule follower, June becomes increasingly frustrated with these restrictions. Ignoring the advice of both her best friend and an eighth-grade boy she has a crush on, June uses books from a local Little Free Library and donations of banned titles from fellow students to set up a contraband library in an abandoned locker.  It now seems that everyone wants to read one of these titles and June is the most popular girl around. When the hidden library is discovered by the school administration however, June must decide what she is willing to do to stand up for the right to read. Both entertaining and empowering, this book examines the many perspectives on censorship versus the freedom to read and is a perfect choice for classroom discussions.