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Raising Lumie

Twelve year old Olive Hudson’s life has had lots of recent changes.  Her father has passed away and Olive is moving to a new town to live with a half-sister, Maudie, that she barely knows.  They will be sharing a house with folks neither of them has yet to meet.  Olive believes that having a dog would really help but that seems to be out of the question until a chance meeting with a young man who is losing his sight turns into an opportunity to raise a pup named Lumie to be a guide dog for the blind.  With a commitment to do everything it takes to train Lumie for a future as a service dog, Olive wants to be a great trainer but realizes that success will mean losing the companion she’s grown to love and cherish.    A story of the incredible bond between a girl and a dog with a twist that gives this book an extra dimension perfect for animal lovers of all ages.

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