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Room to Dream

In this third book in the Front Desk series, Mia Tang continues to pursue her dreams.  After years of hard work, she finally gets to go on the vacation she has yearned for – a family trip to China.  Mia can ’t wait to see all of her cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents again, especially her favorite cousin Shen.  As she roams around Beijing, she witnesses some of the big changes China is going through.  Change is happening in Mia’s life too.  Her best friend, Lupe, is taking classes at the high school and seems to be too busy with the demands of her schoolwork to have time to spend with Mia.  Mia’s writing may have found a home with a column in a Chinese newspaper, but will her stories of her life in the US for Chinese readers backfire when her US friends become aware of it?  Something has happened with her relationship with Jason too but Mia is clueless about how to deal with with it.  The biggest change, however, may be the disappearance of many of the small businesses Mia loves, both in China and at home, and their replacement by big chain stores.  Can the Calivista survive?  Mia is more determined than ever to deal with these winds of change but can she still find the room to dream?  

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