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Sal and Gabi Break the Universe

When Sal Vidon, a 13 year-old Type 1 diabetic, amateur magician, and new student at Miami’s Culeco Academy of the Arts, meets Gabi Real, the clever and sassy student body president, for the first time, it isn’t under the best of circumstances.  Sal is in the principal’s office for the third time in the first week of school and Gabi is there to support her friend, Yasmany, in whose locker Sal supposedly left a raw chicken! When Gabi discovers that Sal’s magic is powerful enough to poke holes in parallel universes and manipulate time and space, she is determined to join forces with him to right the wrongs of the universe.  Can Sal, who sometimes goes into another dimension to connect with his deceased mother, find a way to use his powers to help Gabi’s very sick little brother or will this amazing duo put the entire universe at risk?  This 2020 Pure Belpre Author Award winner is peppered with Spanish dialogue and slang, as well as generous helpings of Cuban cuisine.  This upbeat fiction featuring Spanish language and characters will entice fans of A Wrinkle in Time and Rick Riordan’s fantasy tales.  

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