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Saving Fable

Indira Story, a young girl living in the fictional town of Origin, has been working hard to make her dream come true.  She yearns to be chosen at the upcoming auditions to go to the city of Fable and attend Protagonist Preparatory, a school where famous characters like Alice of Wonderland and Romeo Montague train aspirants to become successful characters in actual stories.  When she is chosen to go to the school but will be trained to be a side character, not the main protagonist she had hoped, Indira clings to the hope that she will be picked by an author to play a secondary, but important, role in a story.  When her efforts are sabotaged, she realizes that an evil force may be to blame, a force that threatens to destroy Fable.  With her friends Maxi and Phoenix by her side, Indira must discover whether a side character can be the real hero after all.  The perfect blend of fantasy and adventure.

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