Ten-year-old Louie doesn’t have a good track record for taking care of animals.  Worms, goldfish, a hamster, a snake and a lizard are just a few of the ones that have died or escaped on his watch.  When his father brings home a weak, orphaned newborn mini-donkey from his uncle’s farm, Louie is determined to do everything in his power to save the pitiful creature he names Winslow.  Providing constant care for Winslow helps Louie feel closer to his older brother Gus who is away serving with the army. Louie’s new friend, a girl named Nora, is constantly pessimistic about the donkey’s chances of survival, however, hesitant to form an attachment to Winslow for fear of losing yet another important part of her life.  This heartwarming story with short chapters and minimal text will become a new favorite for those who love Charlotte’s Web or Because of Winn-Dixie.