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Set in a vaguely defined future, this adventure tale of sisterhood on the high seas is the first in a fast-paced trilogy featuring diverse characters and strong female protagonists.  Ever since Caledonia Styx’s mother was killed and her brother taken by the Bullets, an army under the control of the ruthless warlord Aric Althair, the young heroine has vowed revenge and rescue.  Now the captain of her mother’s ship, Caledonia almost loses her best friend and second in command, Pisces, while on a mission to destroy a barge containing large quantities of a drug Althair uses to keep his crews under control.  When Pisces, feared dead, emerges from the sea, she declares that her life was saved by a Bullet, a young man who is with her and claims to be a deserter with valuable information about the evil dictator, his massive fleet of warships, and the brothers Cal and Pisces believe are dead.  Will Cal and her crew trust this stranger and his offer to help them reunite their families, confronting an overwhelming enemy with little chance of survival? Their decision and the actions that follow will mean the difference between life and death. (Note: There is a vague inference of romantic attraction between two of the female characters.)

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