The third book in the Serafina series continues the story of the young girl living in the basement of the Biltmore House with her father, the caretaker of the massive estate.  Serafina has defeated the man in the black cloak and discovered the truth of her mother and her own identity.  Her existence at Biltmore is no longer a secret and new visitors and staff have become a part of her world.  Having come face-to-face with a powerful force determined to engulf her mountain home and those she loves, Serafina has fully accepted her role as the Protector of Biltmore.  In this third book, Serafina awakes to find herself buried in an underground coffin with no idea how she got there.  Using her wit and strength to escape, she struggles to return to the estate only to discover that things and people are not as she remembered.  Challenged to once again face and conquer new threats and dangers, Serafina and her story will not disappoint fans of dark mystery and adventure age 11+.