In this true story of hard work and determination, social justice advocate and vice president at Goldman Sachs, Julissa Arce tells of her journey to belong in America while growing up as an undocumented immigrant living in Texas.  Left behind in her hometown of Taxco, Mexico with her sisters and grandmother while her parents worked tirelessly in America in hopes of providing a better life for their children, Julissa keenly felt her parents’ absence and began to get in trouble.  Her parents brought her to live with them in San Antonio where she continued to live even after her tourist visa expired. Despite a constant fear of deportation, she was determined to succeed in school and in life, facing numerous challenges along the way but also finding friendship and support from many she met.  An inspiring look at both the determination and flaws of a new generation of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. today, this is a book that shouldn’t be overlooked.