Twelve year-old Iris has a passion for electronics and repairing antique radios.  She’s a strong student but gets frustrated with the challenges of being the only deaf kid in her classes.  To make things even more difficult, Iris’s parents don’t seem to understand her need to be involved in the local hearing-impaired community and she is dealing with the sudden loss of the grandfather she was very close to.  One day, Iris’s science class watches a video about a whale with an extremely unique voice, communicating at a much higher frequency than most every other whale. Feeling a kinship with Blue 55 and his inability to communicate with other whales, Iris becomes determined to use her electronics savvy to compose a song in his frequency and play it for him.  This mission however, will require her to travel from her home in Houston to Appleton, Alaska to do so in person. Can she find a way to let this whale know that he’s not alone? This heart-warming look at loneliness and the power of communication will appeal to fans of titles like Fish In a Tree and Out of My Mind.