Stef Soto just wants to fit in and be a regular seventh grader but that is not easy to do when her classmates, who see her picked up daily by her dad in the dilapidated family taco truck, refer to her as the “taco queen”. Her overprotective parents give her very little freedom and she is jealous of the things her friends get to do that she does not. While she is proud of her father’s strong work ethic, she often wishes he would give up the truck known as Tia Perla and get a regular job. When the city threatens to enact new regulations that could force the family to get out of the food truck business, however, Stef realizes how much she values it. Can she save Tia Perla and help avert a crisis at school at the same time? With Spanish words and phrases woven into the book, this story is one that readers who can relate to having overprotective parents and immigrant lifestyles will enjoy.