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Supergifted by Gordon Korman

 In this sequel to Ungifted, Donovan Curtis has returned to Hardcastle Middle School where he is joined by the genius yet geeky former schoolmate, Noah Youkilis, who wants to see what it’s like at a public school.  Going out of his way to pick activities he isn’t good at like woodshop and cheerleading so he can improve at something, Noah decides that being “normal” is harder than being a genius. When standing up for his nerdy friend against the school super jock “Hashtag” ignites an intense feud between the two, Donovan is forbidden by his father from being anywhere near the boy.  But when Donovan keeps a runaway truck from crashing into a house next to Hashtag’s, he realizes he can’t take credit for the heroic feat or risk his father’s wrath. When the local pressure for the hero to reveal himself ramps up, Noah declares that he was the “superkid” who stopped the truck. When Noah’s fame goes statewide, however, Donovan begins to question how smart it was to hide the truth!  A funny and heartwarming story by favorite author Gordon Korman.