Wes Henderson is a sixth-grader who loves wearing the latest styles, hanging with his friends, and playing video games.  He certainly did not plan to be spending his eleventh birthday protesting a new development in his neighborhood with his community activist mother.  Hiding when he sees a news van arrive, he dislikes protesting and gets nervous in front of the camera, both of which could ruin his cool reputation.  Wes lives in Kensington Oaks in the home where his mother grew up and one that his grandfather saved for ten years to purchase.  His best friends include Mya, a girl whose family recently moved from Kensington Oaks to a more upscale area, and Kari, another friend who had to leave the neighborhood when a developer bought the building he lived in.  But when a real estate company sets its sights on purchasing all of the homes in his community to make way for new development, Wes realizes that the adults in the neighborhood are fiercely divided on whether to sell or stay.  Even the kids have different opinions about whether this is an opportunity to better their living situation or the destruction of a community they love.  Has the time come for Wes to take a stand and get involved if he is to save the home he loves?  This look at the gentrification occurring in many communities today is insightful and an important must-read for middle grade readers.