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The Boy at the Back of the Class

When a new 9 year-old boy named Ahmet joins Alexa’s class at a London school, she and the other students have questions.  Why does Ahmet never smile, talk to anyone, or go to lunch or recess with the other kids?  While waiting for pick-up after school one day, however, Alexa and her friends overhear two adults talking about the boy.  He is a refugee from Syria and does not yet speak English.  The children reach out to Ahmet with small gifts and smiles, speaking to him through the translator the school hires to help him.  They discover that he and his family were forced to flee the bombings in Syria but were separated in their escape.  His sister drowned in the sea and he does not know how to find his parents and bring them to London.  Standing up to a school bully and discovering her own family’s refugee experience, Alexa is determined to help her new friend.  When she and Ahmet’s other new friends learn that their country’s borders are about to be closed to refugees, they embark on a bold and dangerous plan to reunite him with his family.  Perfect for fans of Katherine Applegate’s Wishtree, this is a story of compassion and diversity that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

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