Set in India, life on the streets looks harsh for sisters 11 year-old Viji and her developmentally challenged sister, 12 year-old Rukku.  Running away from an abusive father, the sisters find shelter on a crumbling bridge and scavenge for food.  When they meet two homeless brothers, Mathu and Arul, the four band together in an attempt to survive.  The boys teach the girls how to scale mountains of trash on the outskirts of town to find scraps of metal and glass to sell and the four watch out for each other in an uncaring world full of danger.  Despite their determination to survive, hunger is ever present and the rainy season brings illness.  Will Viji risk seeking help from strangers or rely only on her “put-together family”?  Told in the form of a letter from Viji to Rukku, this is an amazing story of four children determined to overcome any obstacles to making a life for themselves.