Things have changed in the Tibbs house, and Mya isn’t happy about it.  She’s stuck in the middle between an exceptionally cute baby sister and an incredibly smart older brother, siblings who seem to be getting all of her parents’ attention.  When Mya, as part of a class project, decides to start her own school newspaper, she is sure this will get Mom and Dad to notice that she is fabulous as well. When the first edition of the paper is a big hit, Mya is sure her problem is solved.  When her parents don’t find the time to look at it, however, Mya proceeds to expand the paper’s reach into the community, a decision that may destroy key friendships and land her in big trouble at school and home. Can this budding fourth grade entrepreneur take responsibility for her actions and get things back on track?  A perfect choice for readers who love a spunky heroine figuring out how to fit in when life gets complicated.