Shuffled off to stay with his aunt, uncle and annoying cousin Nora while his scientist parents head to the South Pole, Brian is less than happy to discover that his Uncle Gary has developed educational software that he expects Brian and Nora to work on every day for several hours. When he ventures out into the nearby woods, however, Brian is shocked to discover a seven story ramshackle house with turrets, balconies and even a boat on the top floor. The youngest member of the eccentric family that lives in the house, Cosmo van Dash, asks Brian to help him with various problems at the house, including an infestation of Amazonian wasps and a herd of wild boars. As Brian discovers from unopened mail littering the house, though, the van Dashs have a bigger problem to deal with. The local mayor plans to demolish the house and take over the land in just a few days. Can Brian, Nora and Cosmo somehow help this madcap family avoid permanent eviction? A wacky, fun-filled story that will appeal to readers who like humor in their books! Perfect for fans of the 13 Story Treehouse series.