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The Night Diary

 It is 1947 and Nisha and her twin brother, Amil, celebrate their 12th birthdays one month before India receives independence from Great Britain and splits into India, largely Hindu, and Pakistan, primarily Muslim.  The twins’ father is Hindu while their deceased mother was Muslim. Nisha, who is very shy and feels distant from her stern father and grandmother, begins to write entries to her mother about all that is happening in her life in a diary she received for her birthday.  When the riots surrounding the Partition escalate, the family is forced to leave their hometown, now a part of the new Pakistan, and the beloved Muslim cook that Nisha often confided in, for life in a new India. The journey is a long, difficult, and dangerous one, exposing the true cost of conflict upon a girl and her family.  This is truly must-read historical fiction for older elementary students.

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