For the twelve years of his life, baseball fanatic Nick has done what his hard-working Greek immigrant parents want him to do.  Now, though, he is ready to pursue his own dreams. When the new owner of the local semi-pro baseball team pumps new energy into it and announces a contest to select a local kid to be a batboy for the day, Nick is determined to win.  The contest is on a Saturday, however, the day Nick has to help in his father’s store. Moreover, the presence of a 2000 pound rhino in a pen at the zoo beside the field where Nick and his friends practice has left him with a fear of fly balls.  The school bully has also vowed that he’ll win the contest, even if he has to play dirty to do it. This fast-paced, funny story of curveballs on the field and off is a lighthearted choice for young sports fans.