Seventh-grader Natalie used to love science and spent lots of time with her botanist mom in her laboratory.  Her enthusiastic science teacher, Mr. Neely, encourages his students to ask questions and use the scientific method to solve problems.  Natalie isn’t sure that the scientific method is going to be of much help to her now, however. Her mom has seemed to stop caring about her daughter and husband, rarely getting out of bed or leaving her room.  When Natalie and her friends, Dari, a smart Indian immigrant boy, and Twig, a wealthy white best friend, are encouraged by Mr. Neely to enter an egg drop competition, she is initially dubious. When she learns that a substantial cash prize will go to the winner, however, she believes that it may be the answer to helping her mom.  With the money, she could take her mom to visit the desert of New Mexico where the miraculous Cobalt Blue Orchid, a flower her mother wrote a book about, thrives in spite of the harsh environment. Certain that this will bring her mom the joy she needs, Natalie is determined that she and her friends will win the competition. Told in first person journal like entries, this STEM inspired book is the story of one girl’s search to understand the science of hope, love and miracles.  A relevant look at the impact of depression on families that belongs in every classroom library.