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The Storm Keeper’s Island

From the moment 11 year-old Fionn and his 13 year-old sister, Tara, arrive on the island of Arranmore to spend the summer with their grandfather, he senses something unusual.  After learning that their grandfather is the island’s storm keeper, entrusted to control the magic of the place through the candles that he fashions, the siblings are drawn into a centuries old battle between good and evil that is very close to erupting again.  Tara, in particular, is focused on a quest to find the Sea Cave, a secret place of power on the island that is reputed to grant one wish per generation, a wish Fionn would use to find their father, lost at sea off Arranmore years ago. When Grandfather announces that the time has come for him to step down as storm keeper and for the island to choose a new one to wield its power and keep its magic safe from enemies, Fionn and other descendants of Arranmore’s powerful families vie to assume this role.  But with the awakening of the long-buried evil that threatens the very existence of the island, Fionn, Tara, and their rivals must overcome their jealousy and work together to save the island and themselves. A first title in a magical new fantasy series .

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